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Re: New skill areas

Kril wrote:Kill the 5-star bears in the upper catacomby area of Fingals. they always drop at least a grand ring.

P.S. Efnisien the dreaded necromancer strikes again!

5* bosses have chances of dropping greater, grand, royal rings and manuals.
Not at least grand, just no lesser and minor.

Re: -,-

Kokurou wrote:
Alienonmars wrote:177:)

I honestly dont believe that for a second

Shots fired.

Re: Highest damage?

Alaratos wrote:Oh i reread the post and it says highest including stat/gear changes o.o so... *UPDATED* (these are highest I've ever gotten, when I bought gear specifically for that skill)
Shadowstrike: 6300
Assassinate: 17.5k
Damage: 3919 (with sharpen)

That damage though...

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