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Re: Auction House

someone puts an item in for a "buy now price" and a "starting bid" price. so lets say u have a heroic ammy, buy now price is 200k, starting bid is 120k, and the more ppl bid the higher the price gets, and if u rlly need it ull pay full 200k, or try and outbid someone by placing 1...

Re: Is this true?

GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:We neeeddds some more (not endgame) raid bosses that drop decent gear... +1 for Queen Mebd and some random blackstone boss

+1 to more bosses.

also loco, i really hope ur correct, thatd be awesome

Re: "Auto Level System"

Dicing was the only thing I could do to afford a decent ammy, that or spend weeks farming which I clearly did not want to do. Besides its not my fault that Neek has 35m and can't donate 600k of his fortune to a clannie desperately trying to get an ammy how dare he not give up his hard earned gold/b...

Re: Expansion 6?

Just think about it, if OTM released all of this badass content, people will start to walk around the pet problem making both sides happy yea clan battlegrounds will make everyone happy. im sure ppl like killing other clans for fun, because we all know how well balanced classes are and clans are, a...

Re: Expansion 6?

I'm sure OTM would love to add content like a clan battleground but it's kind of hard for them to get anything done when you guys care about is a flaw in s system. i mean yea, id rather be killing ppl in other clans which does nothing for me than run on a system with flaws in it. totally agree with u

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