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Re: More than a game

Us Americans realized how lame of a sport football was (aka soccer, aka flopperball) so we decided to make a new football which is 20x better than soccer On a serious note, the term soccer actually came from the British and the Americans adopted it while the British stopped using the term. Football...

Re: Bloodthorn killed on Donn

Drops https://s22.postimg.cc/ltv5novdd/Screenshot_20180610-203047_Celtic_Heroes-888x432.jpg https://s22.postimg.cc/zas46j341/Screenshot_20180610-203155_Celtic_Heroes-888x432.jpg https://s22.postimg.cc/bjsqoenhd/Screenshot_20180610-203312_Celtic_Heroes-888x432.jpg https://s22.postimg.cc/few4rg47l/Scr...

Bloodthorn killed on Donn

Clan Concordiia on server Donn successfully killed Bloodthorn the Ravenous yesterday. We had 54 toons of level 215+ on at the time. Using the Gwydion tactics of off-tanking the south root and killing vines on spawn we were able to successfully take him down in 15 minutes with Aspire getting the kill...

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