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Re: Halt!!

Gwydion has fun with 4-5 BT and 6-7 geles and plenty raids, comp also got many raids for themselves, as for the guy saying dom clans are asking for no carnage please reword as many of us are asking for them to start/continue

Re: Halt!!

I would like to see carrowmore carnage be extended to all bosses, just a complete carnage event, completely destroying any clans chance to monopolise bosses. It would be intense though. +1... Carrowmore carnage... Otherworld carnage... Stonevale Carnage... Murky Carnage... Dustwither Catacacombs Ca...

Re: Forest Guard Helms

Curry30423 wrote:These are just recycled Phoenix helms._.

Yea I saw that I have every color of those helms so I saw these got excited got the red one in beta and didn’t even bother looking at that npc in the live game.

If your making hat quests make them unique not recycled trash

Re: T9 and 10 offhands

It’s either the shield quest is bugged (because only shields upgrades are view able) Or all other offhands are bugged and their upgrades should be visible That or otm made if 225 lvl req AND t4 faction to get the upgrades, in that case me and probably everyone will rage so goddamn hard at this. U c...

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