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lvl 180+ Need help where to level

I'm currently lvl 180 with full dl 180 haste dagger 180 vend dagger 140 event str ammy , 140 event dex brace , and 140 stalker ring, also have 150 wildshrine brace of mountain , +6 qs and assassinate spider charm, Royal ss, Jalan frostroot ring , +7 ripo ring . I know tower is best but where exactly...


Hey guys and gals its allyknife I've decided Ch just isn't for me anymore just pointless grinding with fun people. This my goodbye to all of you Ambs you are now completely in charge of me now. Will miss you all.never stop having fun. Thanks for all the great times friends and colleagues of Ch.

Re: Arjune loved in gwideon/ kenh hated

How is it that you adults have so much hate among one another the way you bicker between threads amaze me. From my own experiences I have been called gay, dumb ignorant, retarded but I do not hold those insults to heart as I block them. I have had my rivalries with some people like kp, lionstooth, e...

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