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Re: Snorri

Lockers are a strategy which was implemented after the level lock(thanks otm) you can't complain about something you yourself could do just as easy as they do. With lockers it doesn't even take good boss drops just some gold sacrifice to make it a good locking toon. However as annoying as they can b...

Re: Snorri

We can also take into fact that not many clans camp frozen bosses now a days leading to why muldar found one chilling. The purple drop rate of bears/lions are still abysmal especially with Gromm and Pyrus spawns being 3hours +

Re: Lvl 200 daggers help

Crown are extremely rare and I already exceed troll cap. That being said I'm pretty sure I'm not next in line for daggers any ho.

Still thank you everyone for the advice will consider everything.

Re: Locking questions

When I was 190-199 I used dl bp and gloves with occult legs and boots with a mighty hrung ss helm, despoiler dagger, and both shine stone dex ammy and trailblazer set and I was able to lock troll 4-5 almost all the time as long as I paid attention. I also used +8 ss renegade ring , 2 shinestone stal...

Lvl 200 daggers help

Ok so I've been very confused as to what daggers to use and which are better I have thaumaturgic dagger(lvl 200 vendor), dark dagger of precesion( maybe shadow soon) and despoiler dagger out of the 3 which is better for leveling, bossing, locking. Right now I'm lvl 208 full edl, trailblazer dps set.

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