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The grind has indeed gotten worse I myself have been around since 2011 august the only thing fun was lvling to get dl at 170 after that I slowly hated myself until I reached 215. We also can't compare gold to xp when it comes to grinding. Gold requires nothing but patience however xp requires gold/p...

Re: Doch gul for tank?

^ I see. All I took into account was people even some warriors wanted a set of armour for dps for there own wants. Since every warden armour upgrade have been made especially for the tank build. However I feel as though if the do upgrade edl it should allow warriors to choose between tank or dps for...

Re: Doch gul for tank?

I'm curious to see criminals side of this as he is few warriors who have stayed dps and not hybrid/tank. I feel like that armor is great as it stands only thing could be make it more rewarding to have a set like giving armour/resists. This allowed some toons to go for more of the dps role instead of...

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