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Re: Servers up, can't log in

Same is happening on gwydion why is this happening now and not before? Last 2 resets have not allowed 90% of us to join while 10% sit in confusion.

Whatever fix otm has been doing is appreciated but you can tell the situation worsening just from how servers go back up now.

Re: Resets

Well said there is no better time then the now. "You miss 100% Of the shots you don't take" if you want to fix bugs and down servers in order to do so then do it. This way you can see if your fix actually fixes things allowing more time to be spent on your next release.

Re: Necromancer

paggasquid wrote:Congratz but you guys are 2 years late(?)

They probably the 2nd tier clan on there world or a new upcoming clan but they are not the top pretty sure

Congrats you guys onward to the rest of the bosses.

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