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Re: Broken Rogue Class

Damage per second , but you believe a warrior can be dps on this game or slow damage all damage in warrior is joke 2.5k damage to do 600 is lame I mean slow damage not even dps . Warriors are tanks not DPS class No where when you create on this game a warrior said tank only ,on general term not gam...

Re: Broken Rogue Class

Rouges always hit "fast" that is not the point.... The point is rouges have been surpassed in what they r suppost to do best, damage mobs!!!! they arnt suppost to tank bosses (thats why we have distract), or be a support class. Also regarding the 1.5k damage, its not that hard with assass...

Re: Interested to know

There has to be a forum participation element to the selection because all of the beta coordination and feedback from testers is handled on the forums. If this is the case, why not use a invite only beta? Look at forum posts/content, and send private messages to the members that catch your eyes. Th...

Re: My Shop

Signatures dont appear on mobile forums, just say ur name when someone asks.

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