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Re: April fools

I was gonna go up to my sprinter coach today with bandages and crutches and tell him i broke my ankle last night. Sadly, dont habe bandages or crutches :cry:

Re: iPhone 4

Im not exactly sure whats going on but it seems like my phone keeps coming disconnected from my wifi. But if you guys are having problems too then im unsure

Re: iPhone 4

My iphone 4 was doing fine all day today but started acting up again like 1-2hrs ago while i was lixing....totally ruined my lix. Hopefully u guys can fix this problem.

iPhone 4

Idk if its just me or other iPhone 4 users have had trouble staying logged in to CH as of today. Dont know if you guys made a few changes or what but i cant stay logged in for longer than 5 minutes. This started today and i have restart phone/wifi, erc but still happens.

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