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Re: Soooooo

Something happened. So what? I believe they will still do what they have been doing. A team doesnt rely on 7 ppl. Its a team effort and they still have a team. They will continue doing their thing.

Re: Resurgence & Blaze

Coman wrote:Blaze?

Never heard of it, must be a glitch OTM need to fix

Lol, like we said. Not everyone in both clans get along. But for the most part both sides keep quiet.

Re: Resurgence & Blaze

I agree, we are rivals for bosses, but we dont hate eachother. Both sides have friends in each clan. Its a name over your head. Doesnt mean we cant talk to eachother and have to hate eachother. Now Bada and Blaze. Thats another story :lol:

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