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Re: Duskshadow Armor

This armor is pretty useless unless your a Mage I guess.

I don't think anyone uses it. I would concentrate on leveling up and obtaining other armor.

Re: Xfering

Goonies age requirement is 18+ so I don’t think you would be interested in joint or clan xD

Re: Xfering

I couldn't care less about how Arawn is because I will never transfer. I addressed the false claims about 2 clans controlling everything. We literally have a server wide vote on any rule changes and everything else. The rules are strictly enforced by end game clans this way no toons from other serve...

Re: Xfering

Horrid...I think not. So very glad I left Epona a year ago. Having one or two clans dictate what the rest of the server can or can not do. bleh..I'd rather be on arawn. At least I earned what I have, not just get lucky with the roll of the dice. If unlucky...you wont get gear no matter how hard you...

Re: Idea #3 The fish scale armor

Not sure about armour, there's enough armour quests already. Weapon quest might tempt some people though. However if was like the bear quest most people wouldn't bother. Having got fishing up to just over 100, I have so far only pulled out one crumbling item and so have no desire to fish for days o...

Re: Which Clan(s) is/are Killing Endgame Bosses Often? Most Competitive One?

Here in Epona we preach love peace and friendship. Maybe you can message Allp and try to take over the server like hes been trying to do since 2012. You guys can be like Pinky and the Brain. Pinky: What are we going to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night pinky, try to take over the w...

Re: Carrowmore Event Drops Total:

Personally I thought the event was too much. If they do these events it should be limited to one type of Boss spawning frequently. Luckily Epona is a fair server so all got to participate I can't imagine being on a Dom server and not in that clan. Anyways I prefer the seasonal events with new bosses...

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