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Re: Beta Tower Reward

Hiya, We'll check your details in the next 48 hours and confirm your eligibility :) So a free item reward given to beta testers, an item that should be available via platinum shop... Is more priority than a support ticket, which requires 3 day wait time... As opposed to this request 48 hours. Via p...

Re: Forums Keep Going Down

Forums went down again for me at exactly 4:30 pm EST May 27, and came back up again at 9:15 am EST May 28. It's not just the forums either, it's the main http://www.celtic-heroes.com website as well. When something like this happens, I understand it's the hosting provider's fault, but it makes OTM ...

Re: Pictures From the old day's

The only time I seen admin is when corrowmore came out and there was problem with servers and everyone logged in same server and Support was checking servers out and people were leaving. Then 2013 admin friended me when I was noob. He was like a player. 153 level and okay gear it's like he was playi...

Re: Name changing

There has been over 200 topics that asked for name change and OTM said maybe in the far future so it most luckily to be an old player that you haven't seen or a new player with $$$ money

Re: Name changing

have you ever thought that there isn't only 1 item in the game like. Dragonlord everyone can have it. Also dragon lord dagger also everyone that has items can have it too. And I know who you talking about

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