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Re: New player

Hi my name is CrayOn I used to play celtic heroes with a 165 mage. I've stopped and planning to play again with a rogue as a main this time. I'm wondering what's the best server to join and is there anyone willing to help me get started :). (Planning to get 4k plats when double plats comes out) Tha...

Re: Summer event

Dexxa wrote:Also, there's the odd dragon hanging around.

Just killed it. No worries.

P.S just kidding! I was banned since December and haven't had a good coversation with appeals since then...

Re: Summer event

Hmm i find it a little strange to start the summer event when the summer is (almost) ended. But the game does not makes that less fun cuz the summer is a little late. This is a game not real life, why should summer in game have to be summer irl Cause that's what happened past 4 years? The game has ...

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