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Re: Files

I have chosen a winner of the files competition. Remember the winner will get a grove of their own and 200 gold. Your stories were so good! So I had to pick by choosing randomly with my eyes closed. And the story that I picked was.............TEAWEASLE! Tea can collect her prize any time she wants.

what Druids need to do

Being a Druid is a big responsibility. You have lots of power but lots of things to do. These are the things a druid will need to do: LAW You will act as a judge for crimes and a jury. You can also ban people from important ceremonies like sacrifices. HEALING You must heal by making sacrifices, usin...

Re: Serenity (arawn)

I have realised that lots of sereniterians are abandoning serenity and gaining one of Anarchy's allies - Bababing! I can help serenity by giving them my Druid, warrior, Mage and ranger. HAIL SERENITY! HAIL!

Re: PVP battles

Even though it is a bit weird. So Druids in war-like clans might want to practice dancing nude. In front of your freinds. Shouting curses at the enemy. The early celts didn't wear armour because they belived that in battle the gods would DICIDE if they lived or died and all the armour in the world w...

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