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The units of STONEVALE

Greetings readers. While I was on the run from those saps who want me dead in PVP, I thought of something cool. An army of STONEVALE. There are five units. Rangers, ROUGES, warriors, Druids and mages. Only level 50+ can join a unit. Lower levels can be suppliers, giving potions, health andweopns to ...


Oh, so will someone just yell out "Tathan is up!"
I don't think so

Re: The Killing of Deadroot

CURSES! I should have seen it! GAH! well anyway congrats to anyone who killed the beast and I have written a poem for him
Dear deadroot
Roses are red, filets are blue, I am laughing because your severed head is in a pile of poo!


Well now that people are hunting me I have only one thing to say - CATCH ME IF YOU CAN SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rc1007 is wanted in Lirs reach. For crimes such as attempting to enslave his clan. Anyone caught trying to help RC or become a part of his gang will be killed in pvp. RC is an outlaw. This means that he has no protection from the law, so you can KS him, kill him, enslave him or torture him and he ca...

Re: Clan: BadaBing

This clan is also an ally of Anarchy. Anarchy is one of its best allies and anyone can join. So if you can't join Badabing, join Anarchy, a cool ally.

Re: Goodbye

Wait a sec ace. Dont go. You still need to protect us! You are one of our kings. Don't go! You are our best Druid! Don't you dare leave! Provide an example to our younger Druids! DON'T GO MY FREIND! ( and write your fake will so when you leave you give us your riches.)

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