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Re: Frags

Hello my good man. As you are probably aware frags can be a little pricey. So you should
A) train to get money and do quests
B) purchase platinum and then use it to get money
C) both
And do that before you ask for frags!
Oh and please get a job and why wont people buy my real estate!

War of the clans and you

ok now there is a clan war between Anarchy and SatsugaiSha and I have quit being a fashion designer for mages So now I want to know 3 things: A) why isn't anyone buying my real estate B) why has badly anyone got a job C) how to fight in a clan war because I am dying for a battle. Also I wish to form...

New jobs and meetings

Ok so no one wants to buy my property. So I need otter jobs. I am taking up fashion designer for mages, merchant and tour guide. So please buy me property! Please! Oh and I want to see some models, teachers, lawyers, leaders, cops, soilders, lawmakers, etc! Remember I will only design clothes for ma...

Job list for you

Now allot of people don't seem to have jobs so I have created a job list for them: Armourer Cop Soilder ASSASIN Bodyguard Lawyer Lawmaker Judge President Monarch Model Actor Spy Scout Also I bet from my last report you were tempted to buy my land Well nobody wants to purchase land! I have a very nic...

Jobs and my Real estate

Good day fellow heroes. I have noticed there are some new jobs have appered for us. People are becoming lawyers, lawmakers,armourers, police, army men and women and most significant to this report real estate agents. My rouge Tathan is now a real estate agent and is selling property mostly in lirs r...

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