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Re: Advertisement

If otm wants to go the YouTube route they can show groups of people playing dicing if they want the aspect of trading items with other people. They can show cool farming area and if they get rare drops they can show that particular footage. Honestly $1000 is a lot of money especially for otm. I woul...

Re: Advertisement

Simply put advertisements cost money and large large amounts of it. I was just going to say this. Most don't truly understand the cost of advertising, especially during prime time hours. Most local businesses like car or furniture business advertise from 2am-4am. That's the cheapest and what they c...

Re: Advertisement

Ch barely has enough to function let alone advertise. If the company could scrape u the money to do a reverse merge with a shell company they can raise money. They need proper investor relations to communicate with new investors and allow them to allocate capital properly (advertising etc). The comp...

Re: Most gold?

Gold loses value overtime, it's actually kinda bad to have a lot in gold. Always go with rare/high demand items if you have a choice. Then you can gain value from doing nothing, instead of having gold that you won't spend laying around. While this can be true if you actively trade u can beat the ra...

Re: Most gold?

Aileron wrote:
Desmond Glace wrote:
Aileron wrote:Seen 400 million gold back in update 2. The dupe exploit made it possible that's why the servers got rolled back 24 hours.

Did their gold amount get corrected?

Everyone was restored to a backup 24 hours ago. That's what a rollback means.

Oh ok

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