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Re: Britannians!


Just wondering if I can get recruited into New Britannia, Im a lvl 72 Mage and have been a long standing member of Britannians.


Re: Pay your TAXES and DUES!!

I use Ipad santino.. another succesful troll by taeostine the greatest! btw... razorknight, you have one guy thats 73. your not teaching anyone any lessons besides 12 yr olds. Youve been sucecssfully trolled as well. Dont for got to pay your taxes guys! TAEOSTINE I Ipad then :| and what actually ma...

Re: Pay your TAXES and DUES!!

yeah seriously taeostine sucks huge balls man, like seriously I have never seen anyone who takes a game more seriously what a freak. TAEOSTINE please get a life out doors you have well and truely been sucked in to this game, "I made mabon what it is today :|" no you didnt everyone playing ...

Re: My Rap

Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless. It feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my necklace. OH its Monkeyman and his gota plan. His gunna shot this city like ur full of pity. I rock from left to right, and lock u up tight. Boring said Infinity. Well im a computer generated freak so s...

Re: LEVEL 100

Ain't nobody deserve jack unfathomable jus getting to 100 is the reward hell in the beta world of celtic heroes ther were several that we're level 120 + an that was way back on update 2 way back n sept an oct now it's January and y'all still waiting on a damn update also makes me wonder do these 2 ...


My clan is in my posession again after intrigue and deciet landed me back as a noble in mabon. my clan is clearly 4th and rising everyday. riot, masmar- remember the unity we had as the taeostinians and the glory to the top. our clan chat was exceptional. all the otert clans bicker and squabble abo...

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