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Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Thanks! and same back to you. now let me seee.......... (just thinking what to write lol) okay, Yo my names santino, im a mage from herne, Boys talk unfathomable i wont stop till there ashes in an earne, they ask me why so ruthless i say its not your concern, but now im back on my movements, iv got ...

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

and now im back a second time, you should already know what it is from my first rhyme, i got bars for days you can call me thesaurus, these people loving off my lyrical endurance, and iv always got my clans back, you could call me insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i know the ropes and iv got direction, ...

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

so im here writing a rap for celtic heroes, beggers keep asking for gold but they just get zero, started from the bottom now im in the top clan britannians, guys talk top but they live with there nannykins :lol: !!!! (grand mother LOL), im killing the blood groves up in stone vale, eating guys for b...

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