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Re: Wht server

This will never happen People have in the past. You need to be dedicated though. However I agree, with the current status of the game, no one will ever be dedicated enough to get from 1 to endgame with No plat. Was 187 with full dl and a mord spear before I bought plat... Good job :) that's some se...


None of our mages use sacrifice but kinda jealous y'all got a skull. We had the same lightening strike helm twice in a row before finally getting the godly touch helm. I'm hoping for a skull next time as they look cool. Wow, Droid already has a godly touch helm! Nice!! Yessir! Well and atm I'm the ...

Re: Some memories

Hogana wrote:oh i didnt know they still spawn. i thought otm took them out. :lol: silly me

All old bosses spawn, just a matter of time.

Re: Top tier rogue equips

Armor: full dl, victory mord helm-100 str 1000 hp 600 attack. Mainhand: shadow necral dag(poison proc) Offhand: dl rondel/runic heat dmg axe. Ammy: stargem str ammy/ gara bloodthorn charm Misc: godly dex spider charm-200 dex 10/10 ls/Reflexes/ gara bloodthorn charm Braces: stargem str brace/majesti...

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