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Re: Open beta lux

Otm removed about everything from open beta except for simple items to keep the players minimally happy. There is no lux, horses, mount vendor, chests, or bird companions. (There is a very very very simple bird campanion). All the beta testers are being used for is to stress the server to see if up...

Re: Is it only me?

It is more than likely that they don't have an interest in it at this very moment. I think that server merges were only talked about as a result of people leaving the game because they were bored, so they are working on a way to improve the game instead.

Re: NativeX!! Scam?????

Loco cola wrote:There.
Go to your wifi and tap the i then this page pops up.
Thats your ip.
Unless they are in your backyard connected to your wifi they can't find your ip

Lol far from it. They can get your IP easily if they have the right programs on their device.

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