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Re: Ebola Catastrophy

People just need to step up and be considerate of their fellow humans...its just pure selfishness to think otherwise. You are right: It is the unaffected that would have the most unbiased stand during these harsh times; all others are driven by their emotions. Even if my family or I catch this disea...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

I'm not that fluent in international stuff and protocols but... Can't we just quarantine off the greatly affected areas? Namely certain parts of West Africa. The death toll is clearly beyond abnormal there, yet international travel is allowed in and out of the country. Isn't it in everyone's best in...

Re: The Walking Dead (It's Time!)

This two episodes with Beth's constant blabbering was the worst! ("Still" and "Alone"). I am curious though...who took her??? Its not Joe's group...they don't even use cars... I doubt its the terminus guys: they lure people in; they don't hunt for em. Maybe its the peeps that dre...

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