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Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Oh I have nothing wrong with your evidence. In fact, they are marvelous...You found me a great read! What I am talking about is the extra, totally unnecessary stuff... Flamin you seem to be able to come up with the stupidest answers effortlessly. Is that a natural talent? I know reading, science, an...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Wrong doctors have no evidence to suggest that you have to show symptoms to be contagious The World Health Organization (WHO) already posted a preliminary FAQ back in August: check out Point #4 . I'll attach the point to note here for convenience: The incubation period, or the time interval from in...

Re: [Game] Question for a Question

Loco cola wrote:Do u mean a ugly witch or a hairy guy with no deodorant?

What if witches weren't ugly?

(Note: you only reply with ONE question...unlike the corrupt a wish thread. So the next guy would ask one question based on something in my previous question...and so on)

[Game] Question for a Question

Answer a question with a question! ------------------------------------ For Example: Q: Should OneThumbMobile shift their headquarters to America? A: Do you mean North America, South America, or 'Murrica? ----------------------------------- **As always:: Be Creative! If anyone decides to go offtopic...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

It has not been found in Cleveland, Ohio where you live. The nurse --I think her name was Vinson-- just happened to travel there the day before she started showing symptoms. Ebola is only really contagious if the carrier is showing symptoms. However, yes, quarantine protocols are going up in Norther...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Lol, woops. Just realized that michael did indeed suggest execution. I misinterpreted him to be supporting quarantine, not execution. Anyways...we are NOT at that stage of desperation yet! Humanity is very much still intact; "systematic execution" should not even be a topic to consider dur...

Re: The Walking Dead (It's Time!)

I think the priest took her There was a cross on the car that took Beth! The priest or someone he used t work with probably took her..hmm.. Btw, I rewatched the sneak peak of Season 5 Episode 2... and still did not see Morgan. Did you think the priest was Morgan? lol! Anyways, sooo much more mind-b...

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