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Re: Ebola Catastrophy

Simple: Humans should not be the same to humans as animals are to humans.Killing off a thousand kittens should not be worse than killing off one human. Bros/hos before everyone else below!

I know..that analogy was probably a bit extreme, but...

Re: [Game] Picture Count 1,2,3...

Pictures are said to speak more than words. I have seen picture count threads go as high as the 7000...towards the end, even I was surprised how much people hunted for the needed numbers..racing to be the one to upload what everyone else was stuck on. It was truly amaaaazing! I literally scrolled th...

Re: Ebola Catastrophy


On a side note, Nina Pham is being moved to Maryland!...and guess who lives there? :roll:
Well...we do have the NIH...
I hope she recovers..shes kinda pretty :O

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