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Re: Ahoy!

Welcome here then!enjoy your stay:) Some tips will depend on what class u will choose, check class forum or pm guide for infos:) Always take care abt the big number of scammers (i bet its the same on every other game u played! Join a nice clan, make friend and enjoy:D hehe easy nah?:) I did start a...

Re: Ahoy!

Chelsea wrote:mmm mmhmm yeah....he will make a good slave for the UCF yeah....

Hi :3

Wait wut?


Don't do dis :3

Re: Ahoy!

Michael_XXX wrote:^^ Very few to no scammers :)
The perks of a small server.

And @ Burnt what's your In game name?

I've probably seen you already just didn't notice.

My in-game name is Burnt :3

I didn't see you yet, but you seem like a nice guy to know :P

Re: Skills to solo lvl fastest

Camouflage is absolutely worthless for solo Lvling points are better spent in something else. Lol. Camo is amazing for solo leveling. When ur in a tightly packed room , camo will save u from pulling in loads of adds most of the time. Its a good skill if u dont want to waste resto. But if u want a f...

Re: Good trade?

flamingduckee wrote:Should I trade my 500k drag staff and maybe some knows for 1 mil focus ammy? And farm for hero boots? Or keep my drag staff

Wait can't you just pop a travel elixer?

Ahh I don't know a lot about this game but I probably wouldn't have bought it

Re: which is the stronger clan?

Whykicamoocow is the strongest clan. DemiGods is the strongest brotherhood. Whykicamoocow is builded with so many good and high level players. DemiGods is builded with strong feelings. In terms of gaming Whykicamoocow is the best clan, because they will progress faster. In terms of fun DemiGods is ...

Re: Guide for Mages

Xanadu wrote:
Burnt wrote:Dangg this is very helpful!

Thanks Armo

Armo is good like that.


Looks like I'm gonna have a fun time here

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