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Re: Admin?

Jake wrote:
Legislative wrote:10/10 would do the same if it was legal just.. the other way around :D
mini Rogue dat be dope

M8 your rogue is already unnoticeable at boss fights.
i barely play ._. gotta get back

Re: More than a game

First : see what i do find absolutely weird is people finding love on CH. THEN The game turns into a FULL TIME job for weeks and its hella hard to keep up with your clan if youre just logging sometimes People do get so upset and emotional over it aswell i had voicecalls with people crying over lost ...

Re: Well hello there VR ;)

Tadaaah wrote:It was great meeting y'all! I hope y'all have a wonderful trip and fun times with my friends. :)

i still hoped he would yell:
TADAAAAH??? , into the bar.
anyways sounds fun.
big sympathy plus for tadaaah :D

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