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Re: Glad in arena

Sniper2k wrote:I’ve killed twice, first time was an elite bounty bag that says it had a chance to drop a bounty helm, still not sure what it means by that, second time no drop

bounty helm was a fash item

Re: Game Reset (update required)

But it requires data. That’s the problem. I have unlimited plan so I do it all the time. Never have to connect to WiFi. :lol: How long would it take for ch? I have relatively good data connection. And its very very slow appearently. Edit: it isnt even moving in progress. My update didn’t require an...

Re: Lag and horrible experience

All I know is that I have had absolutely no issues at all with the update on either of my devices. That leans more towards the “device-specific” range. Then they can count many of the players that can't run it smoothly out of the game because many of us arent willing to spend hundreds just to play ...

Re: Finally!._.

Curry30423 wrote:Somehow finally managed to log into my account._. Also coming back to ch now I think._. K where’s my chicken helm

i just ordered a buckst of nuggets... thx for ya donation bud

Re: Mounts are now slower...

We haven't made any changes to any mount speed. File it as a bug report if you have a clear examples. ever drove that one car for years? youll feel the difference if something doesnt feel right.. please take a look into the code. o.O maybe we wrong.. maybe our cars had accidential software updates....

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