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Massa and alts

It has come to my attention that people are impersonating me. I want it to be clear that massa is my main and my only ACTIVE alt is RobertELee. Any other "alts" claiming to me are fakes and shams. Thx for reading and I'll see u in game :)

Pvp and exp???

Well I was wondering if exp lixes or any lix that boosts experience also applies to pvp not just pve. I was just wondering because players have hit the lvl cap numerous times but over a few years, nobody is at the pvp cap. Just a question, thanks for response. (Plz note, this is just a hypothetical ...

Lvl 200 wep and such question :0

I wonder if spear with runic dagger of spite ( with 4 runic valor) is comparable with hammer and axe offhand (with three valor rings and a haste ring) Runic dagger of spite brings 40 piercing which upgrades the spear dmg and gives 120 poison dmg, but it gives useless 120 dex. Also 30 percent attack ...

Re: Buying

I have a fiery axe of conquest I can sell when I hit 200. I'm 194 so six more lvls.

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