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Re: Violations of ToS

Ohhhh nueee nueee nueee lol i c what you doing what that certain level 205 player said was his wife can log on his account do you know if his wife has a toon on arawn? Anyone's personal family can log in on someone's device and otm wouldn't know the way they catch people oils lets say someone is pla...

Re: I apologize, but I understand

If you say so but i remember diffrent but still doesnt change my point of view you and certain members of you clan i feel are constantly runnin their mouths so nice try at getting sympathy in your post but will get none from us and i actually got that "low level" into evolve and he stole a...

Re: I apologize, but I understand

I love how chosen thinks they get picked on for very few reasons lol some actually think its because resurgence is afraid of the compition i can promise you we are not there is another clan on arawn equally as strong as chosen in my opinion called braves ya might have heard of them when is the last ...

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