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Re: T9 and 10 offhands

If you are staying at 220 to not lose lock advantage you are dumb lol. You gain more of a lock advantage for endgame bosses at 225-230. Don't have lock battles at endgame on my server but do at edl bosses.. so why is it dumb to go past level lock on edl 205 and 210? Anyways not the point how bout s...

Re: T9 and 10 offhands

If the level req for this turns out to be 225 i can almost guarentee i wont be gettinrg t9-t10, i hate leveling, im a tank at 220, and i returned all my dps gear over a year ago and only recently started to reacquire some. Not to mention it makes absolute ZERO SENSE if its 225 when the highest mob ...

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