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Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

Non legit kill used root glitch and let it rage and didn't use 25 dg toons LOL try dhino again in 2021 when you have the exact setups and gear to beat it properly... Sorry channelling my inner zkills I mean it’s the only logical way to think about it and any game developers that actually cared woul...

Re: Dino since last patch

So here is my curiosity - you guys created a raid that is supposed to be killed with 25 toons which is refreshing compared to the raids that require 40+ toons. But you've created a situation that punishes/excludes players that want to participate but it reaches over the 25 toon limit. End game play...

Re: Dino since last patch

So bring extra toons for just in case when VR is doing everything they can to limit how many toons they feel is appropriate at this boss. And what happens if the back ups get teleported? This could go on indefinitely if toons are needed just in case. Either it can be killed with 25 or it can't. If ...

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