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Re: most advanced server?

If you asking for the most advance android server I'll advise better to join in Lir's Server. That's the first android server that got them a full dl set. At this point, I think all servers have at least 1 full dl and many players with multiple pieces Most high levels in Balor got only 2 dl pieces ...

Is the rumor true?

Is the last update really nerf the respawn counts of money bosses per day? I heard some rumors that it's true and actually believing it because I can now hardly see any money bosses in carrow after the last update. I been camping for 6hrs straight in carrow and killing mostly 4* PH's. Really disappo...

Re: Petition to lower the difficulty on current event Bosses

Only players who can kill the previous Comrak and Akai 5* are the ones who patiently camped and burned plat items (elixers and restos). Others are just jealous because first they are lazy campers, second wanted to get a drop for a free ride, 3rd what made them lazy to camp is that when the boss resp...

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