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Re: Depressed

PurpleRain wrote:I lost my parents age 7 and it's tough. Lost a brother 2012 and it can be hard at times.

:( thats rly bad..

Re: My alts

Lol i also make some alts.. Currently I have: LordyIsBack (main) Lordy1sBack (first rogue) LordyIsBack2 (tank warrior) LordyIsBack3 (DPS warrior) L0rdyIsBack (first druid) LB24 (first and only bank) Magma9701 (Fire based mage) Antarctic (Ice based mage) LordyIsBack (First ranger) There u go :) 9 cha...

Re: Introducing the Dark Lord

Hi! I'm new to the forums but old to the game. I've been playing from around since when you were, but on the server Danu :p I will make a character on Lugh to look for you :). If you want to know more about me, check the topic, "Lordy joins the forums!" I made a character called Lordy.. W...

Re: Lordy joins the forums!!

U lvl slow :D I rarely lvl.. And with those Tor Sif faeries which give tons of exp i lvled up from 80-83 and i absolutely didnt want to lvl :| Why i dont wanna lvl is cuz I'm saving my gold :p i need 250k for a golden blade of fire and an extra 200-300k for a mount. :D when I have that stuff i can ...

Re: Galaxy vs iphone

Jonsa wrote:
pigman wrote:
Jonsa wrote:Android is low quality

iPhone is high quality

thats nonsense, apple phones break and are forced out by apple

Apple does not get viruses.


Lordy joins the forums!!

Hi! I am LordyIsBack, currently lvl 83 warrior on the iOS world Danu. I am a Recruit in the clan Nitro, one of the best 20 clans in the whole game (but before, I was a clansman -.-)!! Info: Level 83 Competent Wrecker. Clan: Nitro. Alts: Lordy1sBack (rogue) - L0rdyIsBack (druid) - Magma9701 (Fire mag...

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