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Re: How do i lvl my mount ??

To level a mount, get two copies of the exact same type and level mount and talk to the NPC for levelling. Breed the two and you'll get the next level mount.

If you level it enough the 10% will be worth getting. Level it as you level yourself. Do as many bounties as possible.

Re: Lordy's Shop

balt wrote:Have any Druid rings of nt for a leave 130 and up woulds

Nope. I think I have a +1 or +2 though, useless for you. Also:
Lordy141098 wrote:this shop is no longer in business.

Re: 12 Days Of Yule!

Zyz wrote:
AoifaS wrote:If theyre tradable, I'm going to spend all my free time making additional accounts

They're not for that very reason

Bounty tokens are no trade but pet and mount are I believe :)

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