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Re: Crom?

No clan wars to speak of, it's pretty peaceful. One dominant clan none other really competes yet .

Re: Crom?

Crom is an awesome server! Not too crowded very friendly. It's home :)! Highly recommended. We're always getting new immigrants from other servers. Invaded is just anti crom. Although he's consanstly posting on the server forum :)

Solo build

Hey guys looking done advice on stats and skills I should use for soloing a ranger. I will have top lux full lixes. Mostly like use haste Lix instead of gloves. I think auto ranger sounds pretty sweet. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks

str build vs. dex

hey guys i was wondering what the major advantages are between str and dex builds. im currently lvl 98 with a sort of hybrid build have 200 vit and the rest split between str and dex. i currently level with combos and and use SS/QS/rip/LS/ reflexs. i was wondering what the best build for soloing/bos...

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