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Re: Oops..

You are limited to ONE refund per month. In that ONE refund, you are allowed up to THREE items. No more, no less. Wow, idk if this info is legit but I don't get a refund when I sent a ticket for refund request cuz OTM replied that they only do refund for items that is bought within 3 days. Even an ...

Re: The birth of the dragonlords

XxDiabloxX wrote:few errors i noticed (just spelling) in the first line you put "Dak Riata" and you said 3 women and 3 men but there were only 5 heroes. Just something i noticed, otherwise was a great story, fantastic job! Go fix those before other people read it tho

New class confirmed.

Re: Stalker Feature

XxDiabloxX wrote:
SubZ3ro wrote:
XxDiabloxX wrote:subz i watched you post that ._.

I watched you watch me post that


i watched you post that! ,_,

I watched you post that.


Re: Delaying Reset was rude

Arjunlite wrote:I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose. I mean their goal is definitely not to piss the playerbase off.

Just let this one slide and carry on being happy. There's no point to always wait for OTM to make a mistake so you can nail them for it.

this. The delay really didn't hurt much

Re: How do folks communicate?

Hello! (Good game background btw) And yes the majority of us are just crazy fast typers. There are 3rd party softwares for voice command on the phones but I can't quite recommend one yet as they all seem to be in Alpha or released Betas at the moment. As for different chats, most people that know ea...

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