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Re: Aggragoth Downed-Rogue Tank

Deebaws wrote:
Michael_XXX wrote:
Deebaws wrote:balor can't kill Mordis let alone rogue tanking...

It's definitely getting close ;)
don't count us out yet

Oh nice, what about hrung?

Hrung later this month I believe-- could most probably Zerg now but we plan to wait on a couple more dl sets.

Re: Imperial reaper

Zyz wrote:We have an imperial fork and 2 imperial reapers on Fingal. What's a shame is they could be good weapons but the fact that they're 2 handed and go off novelty is stupid. How is a trident one handed but these are 2 handed?

Make decent weapons for druids imo due to the proc

Re: Stalker Feature

Jonsa wrote:
The Devils Fire wrote:I cant find this on mobile device :/ is it only on computer?

People use mobile site? I always hit full version

I prefer the mobile-- it's sleeker and faster... you miss out on sigs but it gets the job done

Re: Aggragoth Downed-Rogue Tank

As the topic says we took down Aggragoth and one spectacular-- not to mention humble rogue was the tank (Me!) Stellar job druids! I just read this so I apologize for being late to the party. We pulled this off just the other day. Took a very coordinated effort specially since we were killing the ta...

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