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Re: Forum Name: Keep or Change?

Change it Flow of the Underground :) , have you tested your mettle in the arena yet young Allymia? Yeah, no. 0: Train build. you.. know...thats not 10 vit!!! OMG you're like, so right! Now that I have 15 vit I can solo aggy! Like 5 vit totally makes a difference. 0: I also have two more levels. :lo...

Re: Forum Name: Keep or Change?

Rogue216 wrote:Have a name with rogue in it but instead of rogue put Rouge just to piss ppl off lol

Or be called a little kid that cant spell in debates and a constant remiinder of my spelling mistake. Nty :p (forum trolls would totally bring it up)

Re: Warm Welcome

be0wulf wrote:Why quote me?

Also, if you look closely I wasn't quoting you, I quoted him, he did say your name though.

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