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Re: Epona Biggest Jerks

Legislative wrote:
Jazmin From Epona wrote:
TheCrusher wrote:Im insulted my name is not up for nomination for biggest jerk....I have worked hard for that honor

Thats bcause they secretly love you :*

i dont like the crusher and i wish i could change his name into thegarbage.

Well thats one man's opinion. 0.0

Re: Midnight ammy

be0wulf wrote:Im also selling one just an fyi to who's stalking dilvar on the forums.

You mean like you? 0: dun dun dun busted (on that note so am I) o.o

Re: Forum Name: Keep or Change?

_Turmoil_ wrote:I've lived with this terrible name for the last 4 years. I had no idea they could be changed until now.. How exactly is this done?

Contact a forum moderator and ask for new name and what you want it to be and they will change it for you. (They are rather fast)

Re: Boss mini event - thanks

I never got this. Why do the majority of these items get banked and stashed away to never be used? Why can't they be sold to lower level players that would actually use them? Instead they are horded and the game is made more difficult for lower level players. Do you think if they were worth using t...

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