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Re: Forum Name: Keep or Change?

I've lived with this terrible name for the last 4 years. I had no idea they could be changed until now.. How exactly is this done? If you haven't already send me a pm. The forum has allowed us to change names for a while now but we try not to change the name of the same person more than once a year...

Re: open chests on lvl 1

Tambo722 wrote:Why do some people say to open chests on lvl 1 toon? Are the chances higher? What are the myths to opening on lower character? Why is there a disadvantage to open on a high lvl toon?

May or may not work but there is a saying going around that noobs get all the good stuff.

Re: class changes

Bandage wounds cast faster than light heal and has CD thats few seconds longer than light heal. So... Rangers lost that advantage too. I really want to ask who hates rangers so much in OTM??? rangers are the best class to play Don't get me wrong - I love my ranger. But we are broken af. Faster cool...

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