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Re: The Dino raid.

I mentioned that somewhere to which El Retardo (you know who u are with the blue name) replied it wont happen for a long time which is besides the fact because when it does happen then you’re back to square 1 where people are complaining again. Wait whaaat! If we have a blue name we are supposed to...

Re: The Dino raid.

I've never seen Dino killed so I didn't accidentally screw up the killing clan's plan, so I apologize if she is different in some way that would make this a ridiculous question.... Given the special features of the Dino raid, what would happen if 2 clans were both present and trying to take her dow...

Re: help please

guys as u know we are not able to share our accounts which is against rules and im ready to say that i broke it by accident and thats because i trusted a player who offered me to switch accounts well he told me to give my username and password and i did and he did as well but.. when i tried to log ...

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