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Re: Havoc Downs Dino - Morrigan

That strat doesn’t work anymore if you have noticed the 5* nukes have changed Hmm, not sure. I was told by some on epona that it still works and that they used same strat again to kill again after the patch to change 5*s. Idk, gwyd is using a kill the 5* approach so I’m not sure as to the extent of...

Re: Havoc Downs Dino - Morrigan

Is there going to be a “Havoc of Morrigan Dino Guide?” :?: Strat used from what I’ve seen and been told is - move boss north of spawn by use of push technique — this allows for DPS to stand out of range of orbs and easily kill boss without orb dodging — and allows for 5*s to be dragged away suicide...

Re: Spirit Pets

Aggex wrote:What do you think is the probability of spirit pets coming into the game? Debating if I should save my bounty tokens for this possibility or spend them on the bounty fashion.

Spirit Phoenix and dragon, rip our wallets.

Re: Added BT Loot

Id still rather them fix GS than just have ever gear piece only buff one skill That’s also an option. But then....what are the chances? No it istn an option cus rangers get sharpshot and rogues get quickstrike so we need pummel. No more idiotic feedback please if u dont play dps warriors (not u art...

Re: Added BT Loot

Artisan wrote:
Apples-Bele wrote:we are listening to ur feedback and will keep u updated

Change the CG offhand axe skill and damage from Giant Swing to Pummel.....

Id still rather them fix GS than just have ever gear piece only buff one skill


Maybe if any other server kills Not to mention the strat they used is no longer feasible, so no reason to publicly release it. Time to see who kills Barney v2 first 0.0 Wrong lol we just got the first bow from the dino xD second kill Nothing I said was wrong lol. Congrats on killing new version, bu...

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