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Re: From Belenus

Hello and welcome :) Hello everyone, I am from the server Belenus looking to start a life for myself on Arawn. I'll try to keep this as short as I can, I'd like to know a little bit about the economy here, prices of your usually things, xp elixirs,heroic hastes,energy lixes,hp lixes,heroic trav elix...

Re: Hacker report

Or it could just be a visual glitch on your side... I used to have a bud that had a jailbroken phone that could do that. Could run to coppinger in seconds... Hi their is a hacker named [Removed] in the world sulis. How do I know? I have seen him using it. He has a speed boost. No he was not lixed w...

Re: Warrior

Amplitude wrote:buying level 60 es( earthstone set- or parts)
Via mail @Pharaoh
Or pm me on band

There is an arawn buy and sell for all mox group you should join, not many check forums for buy and sell.

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