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Re: Would this work?

I've always thought about this but if you are an endgame mage that does bosses only then you are likely to be with other mages at the bosses. Since this is true why do some mages use lures? If a mage drops lures (only bossing mage) it could run 4 damage skills and an attune. Surely this would be be...

Re: Warrior

Buying old school Quartz gear level 60 warrior req Will buy in full set or parts. Level 60 for-Keln axe Paying well. Also buying white rad barding 500k and black rad barding 350k. Buying Diamond warrior gear level 80 req (helm, boots, and gloves) If u get a set leme know :0 havn't seen a full quart...

Re: What should I invest in?

Max fire attun, max firebolt, max firestorm, half max fire lure (if it maxes at 25 go for 12, if at 30 go for 15), extras go into incinerate if you boss a lot, e shield if you die a lot, or e boost if you lose energy a lot. Thanks think e shield is the way for me would not recomend incin for leveli...

Re: Ranger lvl 222

betus wrote:He is just breaking for a while and not gonna leave me and gabby-.-

I hope your not retired for good cause i miiiiiisssssss yooouuuuu (and i never even look at fb so barely even message you._.)

good .-.

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