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Re: Helloooo??

Did yall forget u brought the damn servers down or smth?? Or cant u bring it back up....? Unfortunately, due to new labor laws in Thailand, they were required to give the hamster powering their servers a mandatory lunch break. The hamster’s break has long since been completed, but he hasn’t yet ret...

Re: Gold sink for endgame players

I’ve always been a fan of fashion as a fair distinguished between wealthier and less wealthy toons. I think any easy gold sink would be to simply put in fashion that is bought through gold rather than plat. One of the main reasons the CH economy inflated so much is that EG gameplay once relied on lu...

Re: Request for Developers

Hey, when are you guys going to make a Offical CH Discord group? A lot of successful games have them and it allows for the community to chat and have fun, especially during downtime’s like this. There is an unofficial group that’s practically official. It’s run by a long time forum user and the CM ...

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