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Arena game

Hi everyone, I've been trying to create an arena game and these are the rules. Don't hesitate to comment or ask about things you don't understand, rules can always be improved 1. teams and players - two teams of 8 attack ( they are called * there ) - one team of 8 defends ( called # here ) - one tan...

Re: dicing in OW

I guess you are right :/ but how can you say someone says " I need " because of greed ? it isn't always true and no one can know if it is or no.

Re: dicing in OW

I've already fought ow bosses with more than one group a few times, and people often accepted to roll the drops. They quitted their greediness and accepted to lose drops because they weren't the only ones fighting. I don't know if there should be a rule, but this way of acting avoids arguments. So w...

Re: Lugh's ARENA Decorum

Arguing is good for developing ? 0.o I don't think so. At the end, everyone stops talking but still thinks they are right. But debates do help. Even if all bosses are allowed for all levels, lower levels will get bored of leveling because they already can do everything. If someone wants to kill a bo...

Re: Lugh's ARENA Decorum

And if you don't make level reqs for bosses, the higher lvls will leave because they can't get a drop : too many people. Is it better ? The level requirement is also a good reason to lvl, if everyone can get everything at a low level, there is no challenge and you get bored even faster than people a...

Re: *Killian*

There is a difference, in a boss fight, the alt is fighting. For daily, he waits. And mains too.

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