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Re: Alternative solution

Rules have been made for a reason, and if we don't "punish" people who doesn't respect them, then why would everyone respect rules ? A temporary ban would be best for the beginning but if they keep doing bad stuff, then there's no other choice than a ban with no time limit :/

Re: Mordy buff!?

Nothing will bring back the ancient idols you used. :/
Could Mordris buff and adds respawning quickly be linked to event bosses ? I mean, troll adds respawn really fast there.

Re: Arena game

I start recruiting, it may take time.
I am sure to play on Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm est. Pm istael if you want to play.

Re: Arena game

It isn't a topic to argue about hated people or about what was arena made for :/
It is about playing together to have fun with others in a nice way. If you want to comment about the game, feel free to post your thoughts but arguing won't help to make it better.

Re: Arena game

They can 't be banned from a zone, but if you count, there wwill be 25 people playing. if am not sure tzu and danny can handle so many people at once. I though about this game because having pvp with rules, and only if you agreed, can be cool.

Re: Arena game

I'll probably " recruit " for a try next week end :)
Keeping fashions would be easier but how could people now if players have already been to respawn point or no ? That's why I said it would be better to wear fashion off :)

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