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Jelly-bean's true story

So I was bored earlier (happens often xD) and for no reason I decided to go to castle and start telling a story to my friends. I made the story on the spot, and it turned out pretty well (at least for an improvised story) so I typed it down to share it. Have fun reading :) ---- Back when he was a yo...

Re: Bloodthorn Raid Reset Changes

Corrupted gardens quiver skill deals the same total amount of damage as edl quiver, but over 15s instead of 30. I'm not sure how this is a dps buff. Yay it also adds 500 dex. So 500 attack for 15s (who would cast steady aim while buff is on, and waste an auto with 1.6k divine dmg buff). Rogue offhan...

Re: Revival Chests

bonniechi_ wrote:What do you mean by before changes take place? Does that mean if I keep my chests in my inventory they'll change or something?

I think the chests won't change, but the chances of getting old fash will be lowered later, so it would be better to use them now. Just guessing

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