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Re: Scamming

Start perma banning by i.p. adresses and not single toons please. This is a world wide scam not just on Herne and still going on years later.

Edit: Herne auto corrected to here

Re: Official Server Xfer

Auctally it was brought up that they were working on it when the crossplat form.was first coming out And also it won't kill severe if anything it will help them small dead severs will have more people and new event chests already made this rare items less rare more people in sever better the econom...

Re: What am I supposed to do..

My guess would be hayaawesome. Please be patient and keep rockin them levels. We have an influx of new members the past cpl weeks and need time to get to know them as they settle in. We like to stay fairly tight nitched with each other.

Re: Tzunami

+1. Maybe he'll be more active too. He always threw a helping hand for me at ow.

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