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Re: Crazy rogue stats

LadyNymeria wrote:Just stacked food and pots on top of my normal bossing stats and gear so im not alted full strength or in any crazy set up.

2560 dex firm. And I’d guess about 450 into vit rest in str

Re: Oldschool RuneScape

I stopped when they removed staking in duels and player killing in wilderness (like 2007?). I started in 99. At that time it was called MUDvayne or something I can’t really remember. Came back after I heard stakes/pk was brought back but then left again cuz experience scaling was just so toggled and...

Re: Alliance- Who are we and recruitment

Please edit first paragraph under who we are. Far outdated and partially a lie as we dropped Gelebron in Pegasus several times 6 weeks prior before this was posted and continue to do so. Also lugh does not currently kill bloodthorn. All bosses may mislead xfers and newcomers tho bt was yet released ...

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